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Welcome to the International Shamanic Community ~

The International Shamanic Community (ISC) was set up in 2008 by and for people who have trained with the Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies. All our work is Spirit-led. Our aim is to create a nourishing and supporting community, and find healing ways to bring shamanism to the world.

We are a self-organising gathering of shamanic practitioners, without central leadership or committee. Current members live in Norway, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Wales, England, Finland, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Greece, Israel, USA and New Zealand, and the circle continues to grow.

We work together - together with the Spirits and together with each other. To find out more, read the ISC Guiding Vision and how we offer help as a Healing Circle.

There is also information about past and present ISC Events and how to join the community. We offer advice about setting up Local Shamanic Circles and a calendar of shamanic events run by ISC members.

If you are already part of the ISC, you can go to the Members’ Forum where there is further information on our community history, discussions about shamanic practice, and sharing of help and advice.

Supporting Each Other
Serving the World
Together in Circle

We hope you will join us.

The ISC now works mainly as an online community

All images on this website have been created by ISC members. Sometimes, clicking on an image will take you to a new page which displays the artist's website with more information. Other images have been specifically made for the community, with the guidance of the Spirits.