As well as this website, ISC members also have access to an online forum. We have decided to make this a separate members-only space, so we can discuss issues and share information related only to those in the community.

Once you sign up to the ISC, you will get access to the forum and be able to interact with other members. Here you can ask questions, offer advice, call for help and connect with people who share your particular shamanic interests.

On the forum, you can also find out a lot more about the history of the ISC. Read about what has happened at past meetings and what was decided and why ~ how we got our Spirit Helper and more information about how to work with it ~ various rituals and spirit work that has been done in the community ~ and find ways to share ideas and get involved in work groups and future meetings.

If you are an ISC member, sign in to the Forum here

If you are not a member, click here to find out how to join.