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The ISC runs a number of community events. Some are open to members only, some are open to anyone who has a shamanic practice. Since 2008 we have Open Meetings to help us plan community life, as well as Summer Gatherings and Winter Feasts which help us to enjoy each other and our shamanic work.

There is also a calendar showing what is coming up over the next few months, including the activities of individual ISC members, many of whom run their own workshops and events outside of the ISC.

Open Meetings -

At the moment, the ISC holds 1-2 planning meetings per year, to come together and talk about what we want the community to do, work on issues presenting themselves, and ask the Spirits for help and advice. Often the meetings are in England (London, Scarborough and Birmingham) but sometimes in other countries. The last meeting was held in Sweden and the next will be in London:

3 - 4 March 2012, London, England

Zara Waldebäck

Saturday 10am - 6.30pm ; Sunday 10am - 5.30pm

PRICE: Free. ISC funds pay for venue costs and refreshments.

If you want to come along, offer a session, or help out, please email Zara

ST Luke's Hall, 270 Sandycombe Rd, Kew Gardens, TW9 3NP. For a list of good cheap accommodation nearby, see

** These meetings are for ISC members **

If you are not yet a member but have trained with the SCSS, you are welcome to come along to the meeting and join as a member on the day. For more info, see the Membership pages.

The way the meetings work ~ each time different members offer to host a meeting, taking responsibility for making it happen and for holding it energetically. Any member can help to host a meeting (teams of 3 are often good) and any member is welcome to suggest a piece of work for a meeting by getting in touch with the organisers. Hosting a meeting also means you share a report from it afterwards, so the whole community will know what happened, even if they could not come. When we meet we are aware that the circle in the room represents the whole ISC circle and try to find ways to connect with those who can not be there physically.

If you are an ISC member, you can log in to the ISC Members' Forum and get more information about the Nov meeting and how to get involved. You can also read in-depth reports from previous meetings to see what Spirit work has been done in the past, what was decided and how things have developed and grown.