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There are many reasons why you may want to join the ISC:

It helps connect you to others with an interest in shamanism, both locally and in many different countries. By sharing our passions, skills and experience, we both give to and receive from each other. It is a way of keeping in touch outside of workshops and of further developing our shamanic practice by meeting others in circle.

The community is not ready-made ~ it is what we make it and it develops as is needed. It works in different ways for different people, and you can interact with it in a way that feels right for you. You can choose to get involved as much or as little as you want. Some people come to meetings, others offer a lot on the online network, some feel connected without taking an active role.

However you do it, by becoming a member you offer your support – financial and spiritual - to the building of community. All money is used to pay for meetings, projects and the website. In the ISC, we are dedicated to helping and inspiring each other, creating a space where we can be replenished and build bridges, and explore ways to bring shamanism to the world.

As a member, you have access to a group email and online forum where you can post thoughts and find information on ISC events. Here you will also see more of the work offered by other members and the opportunity to share your own. Many people use it to ask for help and healing, with powerful results.

ISC meetings are spirit-led – we ask for guidance in our work by journeying and talking to the Spirits. We perform ceremony and sit in council. It enriches our practice and deepens our lived experience of community.

By being together in circle, we also give our Spirits the opportunity to come together. When we join hands, we do things we cannot do on our own.

Every year, there is an ISC Summer Gathering where you can meet members and work shamanically together, create connections and make new friends.

If you are thinking about joining, you may wish to do these two journeys:

• What, if anything, do I need from this shamanic community?
• What, if anything, can I bring to this shamanic community?

We hope you will join us - click here to become a member.