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During the Nov 2009 ISC meeting, a Seidr* was held where we asked the Spirits what steps we should take during the winter to serve our community vision. One of the answers was that we should hold many small Winter Feasts. ISC members are spread out in many different countries, but wherever we are we can find our shamanic friends and celebrate togetherness and connection. The Spirits said that as a community, we need to come together and this will keep us joined even though we are far apart geographically.

There were many Winter Feasts in 2009-2010, in England, Wales, Germany, Hungary and Sweden. Taking different forms, there was no set recipe. Whoever wanted to host a Feast, took it upon themselves to organise it and let other members know it was happening. It was a wonderful deep experience to connect with so many, either in person or with Spirit intention, and we have decided to carry on the tradition


8 Dec - LODG, London UK
8 Dec - Scarborough, Yorkshire, UK
15 Dec - Totnes,
Devon, UK
21 Dec - Leominster, Herefordshire, UK

To find out how to attend one of these gatherings, go to the Events page. You can also find full details on the ISC Members' Forum - if you are a member you can log in here and also read more about last year's Feast experience and the full account of the community Seidr.

Anyone can offer a Winter Feast - if you can't meet in person, you can invite others to light a candle or drum & sing on a set day or time. The important thing is to have an intention to connect and to get together in some way, feeling and honouring the connection - both with each other and with the Spirits.

Many fires lit in the winter darkness
helping us remember shamanic friends
celebrating our connection, wherever we are in the world

* SEIDR is an old Nordic form of shamanism involving staff, song and ritual seat. It is a very powerful community ritual and works well for asking advice for a whole circle. To find out more about Seidr, read free articles from Annette Høst, a leading expert on traditional Seidr. In UK, LODG usually offers a taster-day in Seidr once a year in