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ISC ~ Guiding Vision

The Guiding Vision of the ISC is:

“We Speak the Voice of All the Worlds”

This was given to us by the community Spirit Helper in a Visioning ceremony.
Here is the story of why and how it came to be:

Part of our community building has been to create a shared vision to work with and from. This process began at the first meeting in Sep 2008, where we had discussions and brainstorming. This developed further in Nov 2008, where we explored a process called PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope). Though not shamanic, it can be Spirit-led and offered a way for the whole group to put their words and images on the same piece of paper. In this way we created a many-coloured Vision of what felt important with the ISC, and this helped us decide what we wanted to make happen over the coming months to manifest that intention. Below is the original Vision part of our joint PATH picture.

We felt the community needed to be both a place of support and nourishment for ourselves as shamanic practitioners, and a way to help us in bringing shamanism to the world. In this way we are turned both inward and outward as a circle, and have as our intention to help both ourselves, each other and the world around us. Being in the ISC often also helps us find out more about how to do these things, and what becomes possible when we work together.

Though the PATH process was powerful and inspiring, we still did not have one guiding vision statement. To find this, we asked the Spirit Helper of the community. It told us to do a ceremony, whereby each person individually brought an image of their own personal passion - the fire in their heart - to the shared community altar. A member of the circle was then chosen to journey to the Spirit Helper and embody it, as the rest drummed and sang her on her way. The Spirit Helper looked out through her eyes at the personal images we had offered, and like in a huge mosaic, saw the bigger picture emerge from the pieces of the puzzle - the joint Fire made from all our little fires. In our coming together, it found the ISC Guiding Vision, and this is how it came:

At first I heard the word “Voice” and I kept hearing this word. Gradually the rest came, I could feel it, I could feel our Voice, the voice of the community. It was the voice of the community and each individual voice, and that every voice was the voice of the community. And that each voice was the voice of all the worlds, that’s what we do, that is who we are, we speak the voice of all the worlds. And at first I thought, there was a slight moment where I said “we speak for all the worlds?” and no, it was very clear, the words were very clear, they were those words - “we speak the voice of all the worlds”.

The Spirit Helper told us it was important that the vision was created together because this will make it strong. It also said that once we had the Vision, we should trust it, that this is the shared vision - even though it may mean different things to different people or if we don’t yet fully understand what it is saying. Some of us were surprised by it, and it can at times seem mystical, not immediately clear what it means.

But it is a vision given to us by the Spirits and it offers opportunity to work with it shamanically, to go deeper into what it speaks to each of us, as well as for the community as a whole. By actively bringing it into our circle when we meet, or when we are on our own, we come to a continued deepening of its resonances and how it guides us as a shamanic community.

If you are an ISC member, you can read more on the Forum about the Guiding Vision - the ritual through which we found it, different ways of working with it shamanically, and sharing your own experiences of it.