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After your membership form and fee has been received, you will be sent an email welcoming you to the ISC. You will be signed up to the ISC group email network and to the online members’ forum and given simple information on how to use them. You will be able to come to meetings, ask for help or advice, offer information, share ideas and get involved in the way the ISC is run.

As this is a self-organising community, there is no central leadership. You will not be told what to do when you join the ISC. Instead there will be a variety of opportunities available and it is up to you how you want to work with them.

Many members live in the UK but there are also ISC members in many other countries. Even if you can’t come to events, it is possible to get involved in other ways, either online or through shared Spirit work. As a circle, we exist both in physical reality and in the Spirit world, and it is good to remember we are connected wherever we are, and that we have the ability to work together in spirit.

There are no “duties” for members as such, but it is good if you make these two journeys before or soon after you join:

• What, if anything, do I need from this shamanic community?
• What, if anything, can I bring to this shamanic community?

This will help you to think about your commitment to the community, how you want to be part of it and what form that can take. You may want to get involved in workgroups or you may simply want to feel connected. It can also be an opportunity to find out more about who you are when you are in community and what it means for your shamanic practice. If you want to share journey teachings or thoughts on this, there is dedicated space for it on the Members Forum.

It is possible to contribute to the ISC in many ways – practically, spiritually, personally. Any member of the ISC can offer to host a meeting or share a piece of shamanic work, or suggest ideas for how we can continue being together. There is a lot of advice and support available if you want to do something but are not sure how – log on to the Members Forum and find the help you need.

The ISC is the circle – the circle is the ISC. There is no readymade recipe, only a space to step into and take your place in community. Passion and Responsibility.

We hope you will join us - click here to become a member.