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To apply for ISC membership, you will need to fill in a membership form. To get your copy,
please email Zara and ask for the form to join the ISC.

You then fill in the form, preferably by typing into it and emailing it back to us. You will also be sent information of how to pay the £20 membership fee. This fee is paid annually every year in November and can be paid in either UK pound, Euro, Danish or Swedish krona. You will be contacted when it is time to renew your membership.

If you cannot afford £20, please pay what you can. We do not want to keep people out because of money. However, we feel it is important that all members make a concrete financial offering, even if very small. By giving this gift, you are stating your intention to be connected with the ISC. You are also actively helping to support the circle and the building of shamanic community, as the ISC is kept alive by these contributions. All membership fees go toward running the ISC – website, meetings, activities, events. If you want to give more, we welcome donations of a greater amount.

The Spirits told us that Belonging is active – so when you join you should feel that this is your community too, that you can bring the gifts you have to offer, even if you can't see how to fit them in right now. The community is ever growing, changing and developing as new members join the circle – we are a living community and it is up to each of us to find out how we want to be part of it. If you want help, join us and ask for what you need.