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This website was created by Zara Waldebäck in collaboration with the ISC Online workgroup, who come from USA, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Wales and England: Stephanie Nolden, Zoe Bran, Mary Swift, Malcolm Moore, Pamela Barton, Christine Mark, Amanda Earps, Mary Willis, Camilla Sindahl Jensen, Macca McCabe, Julia Crabtree, Cath Corrie.

Substantial technical advice and help has been given by Peter Kilsand (

Special thanks to Jonathan Horwitz who helped finance a large part of the ISC online development process.

The core website images were created by ISC members for the community – the banner across the top is by Angela Davis ( and the black and white circle image on the left by Faith Nolton ( Faith and Angela have also made many of the other images on the site, as has Janey Verney ( All images on the website are by ISC members. If you click on them they link to the sites of their originators.

Many heartfelt thanks to all who help make the online circles come alive, and to the Spirits who guided and supported us through it.

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