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ISC ~ Healing Circle

One of the most important aspects of the community is its function as a Healing Circle. Spread out in many different countries, ISC members connect through a group email to ask for help for people they work with, or for friends or family. Whoever feels able to offer help does so, and with over 100 members, the power in the Healing Spirit Circle can get very strong and offer great support. In this way we can all both give and receive, do what we can and ask for what we need.

We feel there is a huge potential in healing work done with and through community. When we stand together in circle, we are able to help in a way that is sometimes not possible when working alone. This is an important focus for the ISC, and one which is constantly evolving – how can we as a community offer help to the wider world? How can we, when strong in circle, work with the Spirits in a way that serves our Vision and send power to those who need it?

We have a strong sense of ethics and never work with people who have not asked for it. We do not decide who needs help, but are here if people come to us. We always work with the Spirits, asking them what can be done and the best way to offer it.

The beautiful thing about working with healing in community is that we do not always have to do everything ourselves. There are at times many calls for help and healing, but not everyone has to respond every time. Instead we do what we can, when we are called to, and if we are not able to help, we know there are others in the ISC who will. This powerful distance healing work has also brought with it the gift of enriching many members’ shamanic practices, taking us deeper on our healing paths.

There is no formal way it works. If someone wants help, they usually ask an ISC member who then emails the request to the community, and whoever feels called to do so, offers help or healing in the way that they are told to by their Spirits.

We also do healing work with Nature and the Spirits of Place when appropriate, or asked to by our Spirits.

If you would like to ask for help or healing but do not know an ISC member, you can contact us at and tell us what you need. Please do not ask for help for other people, unless they have specifically told you they want you to do so. It is not for us to decide how other people should live their lives – only to live ours in a way that seems right for us.

Standing together in circle
our differences make us rich
our common purpose makes us strong